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SMS Suite was developed by Casso Tech, an independent software developer who offers enterprise SMS (texting) software and services. We have over 8 years of experience of wireless technology in the SMS (texting) area. Our products help all size of business from small to corporate companies by text-enabling its business processes, to automate using alert text notifications, and to create marketing programs in the wireless domain. We are recognized for our intuitive and easy to use reliable text software products and we have presence in 5 countries.



What is SMS Suite Enterprise? Is a secure and reliable mobile messaging software.


SMS Suite Enterprise delivers multiple text messages to mobile phones. Users can send text messages by using a simple and feature rich web-based user interface for the desktop; while using automated interfaces for servers, mainframes, legacy systems and any other unmanned computers.


We offer a Complete Business Solution. It starts with a study of your company, industry and its process. We then deliver a comprehensive report on how SMS Suite and Text Messaging can operate in your organization; how SMSing will enable your company to communicate efficiently in-within your organization, partners and customers while saving money.




SMS Suite is a secure and reliable multi-user solution. Text messages are sent directly from your premises by using a single or multiple GSM Modems, without the need to connect to internet gateways (SMSC) via DSL, dial up or other fixed link.


Centralized management. Because it is deployed centrally in your company as a web-server it does not need to be installed on each desktop computer, making it easy to deploy, maintain and scale.


SMS Suite Server includes a built in Web-Server and an Enterprise SQL Database where all the records are stored and from where all reports are generated. The information is not accessible to outside applications or organizations.


This allows complete privacy and security to the customer as the text messages and cell numbers remain in the company database and not on a third party company.


Full 2 Way Direct System. Any sms suite user can receive an SMS reply.


SMS Suite system is the first SMS-to-GSM direct 2-Way solution. This means that any user can receive an SMS reply(ies) from the original SMS. Through an extensive development and research, a purpose-built SMS solution was developed specifically for content sensitive corporate organizations and government entities.