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In general people prefer to receive messages in different ways and recently people has accepted receiving an SMS for constructive information from a business. And in order for a company establish a healthy relationship with its customers or consumers, the company must do all they can to deliver relevant messages, while achieving the perfect balance between the time, frequency and activity.


Overall in USA and Latin america people are calling less and writing more. US alone 11% of subscribers where likely to write a text message than they where in 2008. Sending Text is the second most commonly used channel for written communications.


Sending Text messages in on the rise in US and Latin America, while in South Africa and Europe is a standard way of communication; it is shown that it is the preferred method for business to communicate to end consumers.



SMS Usage amongst Cell phone Subscribers





South Africa
















United States





It is estimated than in 2-3 years USA and Latin America will be up to 80% of SMS Usage, therefore given the increased popularity of sending text in the U.S. and abroad, it’s not surprising that companies have been ramping up their use of the medium to engage with their customers.



Girl Sending SMS


More than three-quarters (77%) of wireless subscriber lines in the U.S. subscribe to or purchase text-message capability. Surpassing the number of monthly phone calls made in a month, text-messaging has become a new mainstream vehicle to market everything: TV shows, cars, soda, deodorant and dozens of other goods and services.

(Extract from: Flying Fingers -Nielsen Telecom Practice Group)


As text-messaging further grows in the U.S., the opportunity to engage with customers will grow are well as consumers today usually look at every SMS they receive.


Companies should consider this new medium, they should look at sending targeted SMS for business purposes and see an opportunity to engage with their core customer base, their business associates, etc. in a new and unique fashion.


SMS Suite has been installed in many business such as Blue Chip companies to SMME, Police, Secret Service, Municipalities, Parliament, Schools, etc, below is a list of most of the industries that SMS Suite has been installed.


  • Corporate and General Business Communication
  • IT and Computer Technology Business
  • Hospitals, Doctor Clinics and Pharmacies
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Municipality various Departments
    • Police, Fire Department, Public Library
    • Utility Departments (Water, Electricity, etc)
  • Federal Government (various entities)
  • Schools and Universities
  • Petrol Stations and convenience stores
  • Financial Institutions, Insurance companies
  • Credit and loans and Debt Collection
  • Travel Agencies, Guest Houses and Hotels
  • Attraction Parks, Museums, Game Reserves
  • Radio Stations and Pay TV Companies
  • Fine Dining and Fast Food Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores and Food Business
  • Lottery and the Gaming Industry
  • Human Resources and Recruitment Agencies


Our SMS experience of more than 8 years, coupled with our SMS Suite software is what sets us apart from other SMS companies.


Case Studies and Success Stories by request only: To protect the privacy of our customers we ask you to please send us an email to our marketing or sales team, thank you.


Please contact us to present a personalized study for your organization on how SMS Suite can operate in your company, save money and how other companies are using it effectively.


With SMS Suite your organization no matter what size can save money and will enable to communicate efficiently in within your organization, partners and customers.