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SMS Suite Enterprise


SMS Suite is a secure and reliable multi-user solution to send text messages to a mobile phone or gsm device. All text messages are sent directly from the customer's premises by using a single or multiple central GSM Modem(s), without the need to connect to a central system (SMSC) via the internet, dial up or other fixed link.


SMS Suite technology has been in the market for more than 8 years, making our product mature and reliable. Our experience and research has placed us to be one of the world's leading distributors of enterprise SMS software applications and services. Click here for Main Features.


SMS Suite Product Modules and Business Services


Why SMS Server Enterprise for a Corporate Text Message Solution?


1. We listened to our corporate customers: Through an extensive market research programme, we developed a purpose-built SMS solution specifically for corporate organizations.

2. We offer a Complete Business Solution. Our complete business offering is not only the technology, it begins with a study of your company, industry and process. We then provide you with a study on how SMS Suite and Text Messaging can operate in your organization; How it will enable your company to communicate efficiently in-within your organization, partners and customers while saving money.

3. SMS Knowledge and Experience: We were the first to develop a Multi-User, Two-Way SMS-to-GSM direct solution using multiple centralized GSM devices. This technology is patented by us.

4. No External Links: SMS Suite does not use terrestrial links (e.g. the Internet) to send messages. It sends text messages directly to the GSM network resulting in significant improvements in speed of delivery. For small companies SMS Suite can be installed on a laptop, thus making it portable.

5. Security and Privacy: Sending Text Messages directy to GSM also means that clients retain their intellectual property. Broadcasting to thousands of recipients is one of the major applications of SMS and by using SMS Suite, clients retain their broadcast lists in their-house software, rather than sending them to a third party (SMSC) for processing.

6. We offer a range of GSM Devices for SMS solutions – matched to the client’s requirements. The SMS Suite platform is scalable to an unlimited number for SIM cards for ultra-high throughput such as sports scores or stock market update transmissions.

We will offer the correct number of GSM Devices for every installation based on a proper analysis of the site and the client needs. Every router can deliver over 650 SMS messages per hour (including delivery confirmation message) and the system is sized accordingly.

7. Everything Included: SMS Suite Enterprise includes all the tools and security that a small business to corporate organization requires.